Spin up a Ubuntu VM using Pulumi and libvirt

Pulumi is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool that supports using Go, .Net, Python, and TypeScript/JavaScript. Libvirt is a tool for managing virtual machines (VM). Typically, teams use Pulumi with different cloud providers, but we can leverage libvirt to manage virtual machines on bare-metal servers, perfect for a homelab.

Scaling Kubernetes Pods using Prometheus Metrics

One of Kubernetes many features is auto-scaling workloads. Typically, Horizontal Pod Autoscalers scale pods based on CPU or memory usage. During other times we could better scale by using custom metrics that Prometheus is already scraping. Fortunately, Horizontal Pod Autoscalers can support using custom metrics.

Deploy Kubernetes Applications with the Carvel Suite

The Carvel Suite is a set of composable tools to help deploy applications to Kubernetes. While other solutions try to solve all problems in one package, Carvel provides tools and leaves it up to you to glue the components together. This enables a lot of flexibility!